ABS-Travel Accounting System

ABS for BSP Ticketing Travel Agents



Ticket Inventory Control for Tracking Missing Ticket No

To store information such as ticket, passenger and flight details

Interface with GDS/CRS.

Exchange Order for purchasing ticket from other agents

Official receipt.

Ticket Sales by Ticket Number

BSP Ticket Reconciliation

Reconciliation through Report or BSP Hot files

Reconciliation Report for Ticket Sales by Airlines and by Ticket Number.

Ticketing setting

Status, Ticket Type, Room Type, Class, PNR Reader Path

allow users to define and classify the ticketing data.

Create and maintain customer markup pricing by fixed rate or percentage

Automate your sales force with presetting of customer markup and credit control in a central repository

Reduce document searching time due to misplaced of file, lost file or staff turnover

Identify new opportunities for prospective customers by integrating and sharing information across the organization

Simplify and speeding up the sales cycle

Facilitate discovery of customers’ needs faster and more accurately by providing a unified, single view of the customer

Improve communications by collecting and consolidating information on all corporate customer accounts

Provide business intelligence and knowledge management tools to turn data into actionable information

Measure performance of the sales team

Manage sales staff time more efficiently

Improve productivity, increasing the conversion of enquiries to sales

Achieve faster growth of new customers and higher margins from existing customers

ABS -Travel Accounting System


Sustained profitability during an era of rapid business change is the challenge in the BSP /ticketing agent

arena. We offer a better standard of service and monitoring facilities. Our main aim is to boost productivity, efficiency and

effectiveness …………. With ABS you optimize sales force productivity by eliminating repetitive and routine tasks associated with managing your customer. By automating processes, speeding up the sales cycle and providing up-to-the minute account information, you can achieve more productivity while

maintain a lower cost.

ABS-Travel Accounting Software


We are reputed software development company dealing in Accounting software solutions since Jan-2009. Established in 2012, the company today specializes in designing & developing financial accounting solution for the Air travel & Tourism industry.


Our expertise in this arena is further strengthened by the business relationship we hold with the most of the Middle East Nations. The products we provide are purely user interactive and provides. As our roots are going deeper, we are having an extensive travel domain knowledge with technical experience enables us to learn and understand the versatile needs of the travel industry. With this highly qualified crew members our software Product Engineering Process help us to release robust software applications on time, to specifications and with superior quality for our valuable clients.


The best practice in your industry by maximizing time to increase productivity and profits. Business intelligence tool to transform your operational data into actionable information. Technical consultants with extensive implementation and

system integration experience

Customer overdue problems

Difficulty with customer retention

Customer price sensitivity

ABS – Overview

ABS has been working in the travel industry since the 1998s. Established as a software development company, in 2012, today it specializes in designing & developing financial accounting solution for Air Travel & Tourism industry.